MSG Access™ is affiliated to MSG Holdings™, whom is dedicated to upgrade and amend all buildings and infrastructures to be accessible for people with all types of disabilities. Dr. Mohamed Salama El Shaer, Founder and C.E.O. of MSG Access™ and holder of a Doctorate in the Development of Accessible Tourism from Central Atlantic University, Delaware, U.S.A. and is also the official representative of ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism in Egypt. MSG Access™‘s aims: 1. Removing accessibility barriers and guaranteeing people with specific requirements the possibility to enjoy their holiday and their leisure without obstacles and difficulties. 2. To increase general and the social obligation awareness to help residents and tourists with disabilities to enjoy their life/holiday fully. 3. To increase and assist increasing required amendments and/or development of all facilities, as well within the Public, Governmental and Private sectors, to be accessible for all, through: a. Assessments. b. Evaluations. c. Reports. d. Implementations. 4. Develop and Manage training programs and events on how to deal with disabled people, such as: a. General awareness events for all sectors. b. Specific awareness training for all sectors. MSG Access™ believes that together we are able of rendering Egypt to be the 1st accessible destination in the Middle East.

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