AMC Hospital

AMC Hospital was established in December 2010 and it’s ranked as the first specialized surgery center in the Red Sea. Recently AMC Hospital added an Emergency Center as a new profession aiming to cover a wider range of cases and improve the level of medical care service.
According to AMC regional expansion plan, the medical services should be extended to cover most locations in the Red Sea region, accordingly AMC opened Marsa Allam Medical Center as a first a phase.
In order to enhance and improve the provided medical care, AMC Hospital has added multiple medical disciplines and established strong cooperation with well qualified specialists and consultants (GP – General practitioner, Internal medicine, ICU specialist, General surgeons, Anesthesiologists, ENT – Ear, nose, Throat, Orthopedics and spine surgeons, Gynecologists, Dentists, Ophthalmologists, Dietitians)
The nursing staff in AMC Hospital is also considered a focal point; patients receive one-on-one nursing care, before and after treatment, allowing ample time for patient and family to obtain after care instructions and have all their questions answered.
AMC Hospital is equipped according to the European standards:
 Operation room well equipped to handle major surgeries and advances surgeries.
 ICU unit.
 X-ray.
 G-arm (the only one in the Red sea).
 Ultrasonography
 Doppler.
 Ventilator.
 Ambulance car
 Laboratory
In AMC Hospital we make sure everything is taken care of!

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