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Blue Waves

Welcome to “Blue Waves” one of the region’s pioneers in the field of sea trips and entertainment. “Blue waves” was established in 1999 with five aqua centers that serve 15 boats.

With Blue Waves you’re invited to discover the beauty and spectacular underwater scenery of the Red Sea. One of the reasons why it’s a privilege to join Blue Waves’ sea trip is that “Blue Waves” owns, operates and manages its own boat fleet and that ensures a high level of safety.

“Blue waves” has a direct control of services standards on its boats to maintain the high level of offered services, we also employee our staff directly and according to standards, besides that we provide training programs to improve the staff performance and professionalism. It’s the accountability and service standards we strive to offer.

Because our main target is to give you a day-trip that you can never forget, we offer packages of sea trips enables you to have an underwater tour around the region’s most famous islands; El Geftoun, Magawish and Paradise. We also offer several excursion categories include (all Daily Trips to the must-see locations, snorkeling trips, Private Boats, Glass Boats and operates with various subsidiary companies.

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