“Ishraq is a registered Charity Organization, was estaplished in 2016, and located in Hurghada.
shraq is one of MSG group companies founded to serve the neediest citizens and communities, we also offer pro bono consulting service to other Charity Organizations.

In Ishraq “We constantly strive to bridg between Who Has and Who needs”

There are thousands of people wants to help and offer charity services to those who need them, but they can’t reach the right and neediest communities and people who really in need and suffer life hardships, Ishra helps them reach the communities which are out of sight and in bad need to money and in-kind services.

Ishraq also works on projects that provides multiple services for people with disabilities, we help them recognizing their real power and their abilities by facilitating equal chances for them within the society.
We work on redesigning the public places in different sectors to be accessible for people with disabilities, specially entertainment sector.

One of the pro bono services that Ishraq provides are number of programs in the education’ sector to enable students who were prevented from continuing their education because of financial hardships to continue and achieve their dreams of becoming productive citizens in the society.

We also exposing critical issues and the society’s neglected sectors to the business community and officials in government. This, we believe, will help cultivate a more empathetic and caring society.”